Britax PMG Ltd, now part of ECCO Safety Group (ESG), is a worldwide market leader in mandatory and auxiliary vehicle lighting, amber hazard warning lights, rear view mirrors and wiper systems to the vehicle industry.

Our work to design the company’s new corporate brochure helped cement Britax as the leading brand in vehicle hazard lighting. We ensured that it reflected the professionalism and quality of products that Britax PMG is known for in a clear, logical way. We suggested the company use a tab system and colour code the tabs for complete ease of use, making use of some striking imagery to produce a really persuasive sales brochure.

When Britax PMG became part of ESG in 2014, the world’s largest manufacturer of back-up alarms and amber warning lights, we oversaw the transition to ensure brand consistency with existing ESG promotional collateral.

Britax 6 1100

Using the intuitive system introduced by Design Workshop makes it easy for our prospective customers to locate the exact product they’re looking for and also easy for us to update content with minimal effort.

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