Packaging design to make new products fly off the shelves

You had the idea. You’ve taken it to proof of concept. You’ve even created the product. Good job! Now your thoughts are turning to what the packaging should look like. You want it to scream, ‘buy me instead of another product’.

Think of the way your product is presented as its call to action. This is why you need to invest in packaging design to create something that makes your product stand out and ultimately entice your potential customer to buy it.

Consistent branding in conjunction with enticing product packaging is especially important for smaller brands hoping to grab a share of the market.

Here are our top tips for brands looking to make a big impact:

Harmonious form and function

The best packaging design should be a marriage of two things - form and function. The purpose of the packaging itself is to keep the product safe for transport. But a white box isn’t likely to entice new customers. It’s important therefore to give comprehensive product information and make it as appealing as possible. In an instant, your customer should be able to tell what’s inside the box or wrapper, why it’s the best product for them and why they need to buy it now.

Packaging influences perception

The aim of your packaging is to get across the USPs of the product, the difference(s) between your product and those of your competitors, and to convince your potential customer that your product is the one they should choose. The message that should come across is that effort, time and attention have gone into designing the packaging. If you get this aspect right, imagine the impression they’ll get of the product! We can’t understate the importance of creative packaging on influencing the decision making process, even if your product costs more than your competitors.

Clear branding, concise product description

In some cases, it’s not always clear what’s inside the wrapper or box. Even more common it’s the brand name that ends up getting lost. Likewise, bold packaging design featuring too many benefits can lead to confusion. The flip side to the coin is minimalist packaging design that focuses too heavily on the benefits. The real skill of persuasive packaging design is finding that balance.

In store versus online

Where your product is likely to be sold will have a huge impact on your product’s packaging design. In a bricks-and-mortar store, your product will be stacked on a shelf, hung, or put on a display stand. But if you have a smaller brand, you’ll want to maximise your potential audience by selling your product online as well.

In an online sales environment, consumers don’t have the ability to pick up and touch the product. As a result, you have to compensate and appeal to their other senses. On screen, the same rules apply that will make your product stand out, but other factors such as colours and typography are more important than ever.

Get outside advice

For many smaller businesses, budgets can be limited and money is often tight. Your team may be small. For this reason The skills and knowledge needed to cover all elements of the business from product packaging design to marketing, are best left in the hands of an expert. You might have a good eye for what you want the end result to look like, but arriving at that destination is often more difficult than you imagined.

If bringing in the services of an agency isn’t feasible, don’t be afraid to seek advice from a specialist packaging design agency (like us!) We can help you to develop your packaging - and your brand as whole. An experienced consultancy like us will not only help keep your budget under control, but we also have the relevant skills and knowledge you need to create packaging that helps your product fly off the shelves (in store and online!)

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Mar 2016

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