Saving time and resources with combined design to repro-ready artwork

Ever tightening budgets and timescales make the delivery of innovative brand design and packaging roll outs difficult for brand managers and marketing executives to manage.

Project management headaches

The two elements of creative design and repro-ready artwork are often treated as separate parts of the project, which are regularly completed by two different organisations. Communication between two potentially competing companies can be tricky and is likely to add to time and budget pressures as well as increasing the complexity of managing the project.

In this scenario a brand design agency will often only consider the creative and rarely think about the amount colours and finishes, resolution of imagery and application to real cutter guides. This lack of foresight will always contribute to problems further along the line, impacting again on budgets and project timelines.

An artwork agency inheriting creative files will often be spending additional time solving problems like reducing colours to a sensible amount that will keep print budgets in check, sometimes even rebuilding files completely in order to deliver the creative to its maximum potential.

A different way of working

At Design Workshop we work differently. We’ve always been a creative agency, but we also think methodically and the end goals of print ready artwork are always in our minds. This philosophy is what gives us our name; Design Workshop.

Working to this model means marketers and brand managers use Design Workshop to produce creative packaging design and deliver repro-ready artwork in one seamless process, making the delivery designs and rollouts much simpler without compromising on creativity.

Proven concept to completion design and artwork

We use our creative design ability to produce outstanding packaging designs for some of the biggest global FMCG brands and employ our technical proficiency to deliver quality repro-ready artwork that is fit for purpose. Our ‘design to artwork’ philosophy saves clients valuable time and money, as well as giving peace-of-mind through reliable project management and print liaison.

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Apr 2017

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